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There has never been a better time to explore ideas and methods to bring forth places of great strength in your work and philanthropy.   Imagine Philanthropy offers strategies and practices to bring forth work that:  

Imagine Philanthropy is ideally suited to support people working in foundations, individual philanthropists, and nonprofit Board and staff leaders.  We offer executive coaching, leadership trainings, and retreats to support vision setting and team building.  We also work with you and your team to choose effective programmatic strategies, develop marketing and fund development plans, and sequence ideas and teams so that your organization thrives and can serve more people effectively.  As former athletes and coaches, we enjoy motivating teams, creating short and long term plans, and having fun while we 'play' and win.

These are questions we are currently helping clients answer:

Imagine Philanthropy can help you answer these and other questions and build smart plans for you and your organization's future.   We are committed to your success!