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Nonprofits and foundations play a critical role in enhancing the quality of people’s lives.  Such important work cannot be done without the contributions of time, talent, and treasure from so many donor partners and staff leaders. At Imagine Philanthropy, we believe that the resilience, creativity and collaborative spirit of the philanthropic movement can be a model for sustainable social change. 

Imagine Philanthropy meticulously navigates the unique design of your organization seeking to enhance the level of excellence, excitement and measurable impact your people have with their work and their philanthropy.  We create social enterprise work that is meaningful and impactful while showcasing your values, bringing best practices together and energizing you and your team. 

Services include Strategic Consulting and Planning, Leadership Workshops and Presentations, Philanthropic Advising and Board and Leadership Development Trainings and Retreats.  Our clients value our high energy level, depth of knowledge on a variety of intersecting topics, the quality of our work and materials, and the experience we bring from years serving the social sector. 

Our work is supported by more than 20 years of experience effectively building and growing organizations while maintaining the integrity of their stated missions.  Through energizing workshops and training sessions, Imagine Philanthropy builds the capacity of staff and boards of directors alike, forges effective donor partnerships, designs personal and impactful messaging campaigns to varying audiences, and offers proven results in which donors feel inspired and confident to invest.

Our featured articles and blog offer immediate ideas to assist the smart work you do!

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