Tuti B. Scott serves as President of her consulting firm Imagine Philanthropy advising organizations, social enterprise leaders and philanthropists.  She is a leader for women and an energetic speaker, trainer and facilitator inspiring people to act boldly, raise the visibility of their activism and shift behaviors and culture.  The self-designated “Chief Inspiration Officer” of the women’s funding movement, Tuti has been speaker and leader in women’s rights, social justice philanthropy and women’s sports for three decades and enjoys supporting activists, families, and organizations to live their philanthropic values and materialize their visions.   As a Spiritual Jock and women’s sports advocate, Tuti brings the topics of self-care, teamwork, competition, and personal excellence into her work.

Her company, Imagine Philanthropy, has worked with the membership and leadership of The Women’s Funding Network, Women Moving Millions, The Representation Project, International Women’s Development Agency, Equal Rights Advocates, Jewish Women’s Foundations, among others.   Through leadership cohorts, organizational assessments, fundraising trainings and strategic planning workshops, Tuti has worked directly with more than 80 women’s funds in the past eight years.  

Using her experiences as an athlete, basketball coach, Chief Development Officer and co-CEO for the Women’s Sports Foundation, and philanthropist, Tuti brings insights about sports, leadership, power and money to philanthropic circles, Board rooms, and business teams.  Tuti was a certified fundraiser from the Association of Fundraising Professionals for 15 years and serves on the Board of Directors of Tides and the Women Win Foundation.  

She received a Bachelor of Science degree from Ithaca College and a Master of Science degree in Exercise Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  

Prior to the 15 years spent at the Women’s Sports Foundation, Tuti worked as the head administrator at the Amherst Family Chiropractic Center, as membership director at the Women’s Sports and Fitness Foundation in the United Kingdom, and as a personal trainer and basketball coach in Western Massachusetts.

She has been a point guard her entire life and enjoys the role of building and changing tempo, sharing the ball, and making people look good.  Her current sports interests include cross country skiing, stand up paddleboarding, yoga, cycling, dancing, and power walks with friends.

Kristen Elechko serves as a consultant for Tuti Scott and Imagine Philanthropy.  She brings an entrepreneurial spirit to her work and is fueled by her diverse experiences in both the for profit and non-profit sectors.  For more than 15 years, Kristen worked in product management and development, sales and marketing with The North Face, Marmot, Eastern Mountain Sports, as well as a number of start-up brands.  Her annual sales for these territories and budgets ranged from $500,000 to $40 million per year.  Motivated by the desire to create social change for women and girls and a desire to work with others who are passionate about social justice caused Kristen to pivot in a new direction.  A Masters in Nonprofit Management, development internship, consulting, volunteering and serving as a chair on a board of directors have build the bridge between past experience and current career goals. 

Kristen is a leader, philanthropist, athlete, strategist, diplomat and leading-edge feminist who is passionate about women’s leadership, human rights, and social justice. For the past two years, Kristen has managed the development of presentations and follow up reports, in-depth surveys, client support work and detailed administrative work for Imagine Philanthropy. She has  served as the Interim Director of the Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact (LIPPI), developing civic leadership skills for cohorts of women through the Women’s Fund of Western Massachusetts, as well as serving as the Assistant to Strategic Grantmaking.
She brings a strong business acumen, a creative mind developed by experience with global marketing, the capability of taking something from the spark of an idea to a finished product and the tenacity to pull it all together with heart, soul and a zest for life. Many years of playing soccer, baseball, basketball and lacrosse have taught Kristen how to set goals, make adjustments, use her voice and stand up as a leader. Kristen holds a Bachelor in Arts from Mount Holyoke College and Masters in Nonprofit Management from Regis University.  She is a graduate of the Leadership Institute for Political and Public Impact through the Women's Fund of Western Massachusetts. 

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