"Tuti was fantastic; intellectually clear, charming, inspiring and thought-provoking.  Lots of exercises, interactions and stretching (mentally and physically) to keep us engaged." Nora Gold, Dafna Board member

“In a movement made of sheroes, you are a standout.  My heartfelt thanks for all you have done to make us so strong (our budget grew 150% under your guidance)!  You helped me as a leader when I needed it most, not only with brilliance but with creativity and unfailing optimism.”  Noreen Farrell, Executive Director, Equal Rights Advocates

"I got off the phone with you thinking how much better I always feel after a call with you than I did before the call.  You have a very unique ability to build people up.  You look at everything as an opportunity for success.  I really appreciate the part you have played in our success."  Carol Penick, Executive Director, Women's Fund of Mississippi

"Tuti has provided extremely valuable advice and insights into private fundraising.   She has built our confidence and helped us develop an action agenda.  Tuti is a delight to work with and we are grateful that we have had the opportunity to work with her."  -- Carol Yost, Director, Women’s Empowerment Program, The Asia Foundation

"We engaged Tuti to work with our Board and senior staff at International Women’s Development Agency (Melbourne, Australia) to create and catalyse a vision for a generative Board and transformative relationships with donors. We sought Tuti’s expertise to help build on IWDA’s mission to work for positive change for women and their communities in the Asia Pacific and she did this by helping us to deepen and extend our engagement with supporters, donors and partners through strategic work around the organization’s fundraising planning, relationship building culture and an optimal organizational workplace.  The report and recommendations that Tuti provided the IWDA Board demonstrated her insightfulness and ability to capture the essence of our vision and mission, to reframe our objectives and to sharpen our focus."  Mary  Hawkins , Board Chair, IWD

"Tuti's enthusiasm and passion are highly contagious.  She seems to bring out the athlete in each of us, making tough challenges seem like part of the fun.  Her positive energy and deep enjoyment of her work is inspiring."  J.R., Workshop attendee

“I just love your infectious love of fundraising.  For me, fundraising is as much fun as watching someone run toward a fire.  But you just keep showing how much fun it is – inviting us to come and play.”  -- Nancy Hogshead Makar, Champion Women

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